Animated Penguin Habitat
Shedd Aquarium

Alone No More
Trailer from the 2010 Film

A Short by Radek Michalik

A Short by Nicole Klemens

Starcraft: Proxy
Radek Michalik

Fatal Abortion
Produced by Radek Michalik

Alone No More
Credit Sequence from the 2010 film

"What They Say" Opening Titles
Opening Titles from the film



John G. Shedd Aquarium Penguin Playscape Animation: Case Study

Shedd and Mightybytes approached us in late 2008 with a job proposal: create a twelve-minute, loopable animation using real penguin behaviors, and deliver it under a very tight budget and in over double-HD resolution.

Working closely with Mightybytes, we coordinated research on animal behaviors and built the digital environment to take advantage of the actual shape of the wall where it would be projected. All animal assets were created from scratch, rigged, and animated based on meticulous reference video.

Each texture and render layer was tweaked to render as fast as possible. Even a relatively low render time of 12 minutes per frame was too high for our budget and delivery schedule, so everything was rendered separately for lightning quick renders of penguins/water/background animals/etc. Compositing tricks were used to mask loop points, particularly in the ocean and sky, to allow the video to loop endlessly.

Radek at the Shedd display


designed by mark nadolski