Lost and Found: Case Study

Director Zach Litwack approached us to help him realize his vision of a massive space filled with decrepit old file cabinets containing people’s memories. Using photographic reference for textures, we recreated the filing cabinets in 3D, matched the camera, and keyed out the blue screen, using rotoscoping and color correction when necessary.

For the huge wide shot (which was conceived of by us), several rows of cabinets were copied in 3D, creating a large rectangle of cabinets. Then, planes with a perfectly reflective material were placed on all four flanks of the 3D space, the reflections and reflections of reflections creating an infinite supply of cabinets without the need to build millions and millions of objects. The camera movement was then matched to the camera of the live action plate, creating a seamless transition between a digital shot and real footage.


designed by mark nadolski